The World has changed, Learning to Swim has not! We are OPEN and COVID SAFE!


We offer monthly and termly swimming lesson packages.

Swimming classes from Ages 4 months – 2 years:

Enjoy special bonding time with your baby while they learn safety skills through songs and play. these classes are loads of fun and the foundation is laid for years of happy and confident swimming. We strive to provide your little one the competence, confidence and abilities of aquatic security with our toddler program.

Learn to Swim and build water confidence all year round at Swim Safe Academy. We believe in learning through play which means we use songs, toys and a whole lot of FUN to teach swimming lessons in a child friendly environment. We offer small group classes and private lessons for learn to swim.

Our Stroke development teacher and child program is designed to get your child ready for pre-squad and the big pool! Children learn all four strokes and gain endurance swimming the length of the pool, with loads of fun activities and games to make learn to swim fun.

Adult swimming lessons provide swimmers with the opportunity to learn to swim.  We cater for all abilities, so if you’re a complete beginner or just out of practice our adult swimming lessons are designed to suit you. It is never too late to learn to swim and our friendly trainers ensure all participants feel safe and welcome so they can fully enjoy the experience of learning to swim as an adult.

Swim School Fourways | Birthday pool parties

We teach babies children and adults how to swim, have fun and be safe around water

1. We have an annual admin fee of R180.
2. We have 3 terms per year – January – April, May – August, September – December.
3. Fees payable in advance before the 1st of the new month.
4. Fees increase annually
5. One calendar month’s Written Notice is required to terminate lessons.
6. On receipt of written notice (which must be dated) the swimming academy will provide the parent with written
confi rmation within 7 days of receipt thereof, to be kept as proof of notice.
7. No telephonic or verbal notice will be accepted.
8. Should you wish to stop swimming temporarily or permanently 30 days’ written notice is required. If no written notice is
provided you will be expected to pay one month’s notice.
9. All invoices are generated in advance and need to be settled prior to starting the month’s swimming lessons.
10. Payments are to be made in advance for lessons.
11. Should payments not be made swimming lessons will be stopped until such time as the account is brought back up to
date. Please note that no make-up lessons will be provided for the time whilst the account is still unpaid.
12. Make-up lessons will be off ered on request to children who are ill and for this reason cannot attend their lessons. In
order to secure a catch-up lesson arrangements need to be made with Swim Safe Academy, who will off er you a time
that is available for you to catch up the missed lesson. Missed lessons cannot be carried over into the next month, nor
can they be banked.
13. Should you need to change a swimming time, this needs to be done prior to the 20th of the month before you wish the
change to take place. No changes will be done to swimming times during the course of the current month.
14. There will be no swimming if there is lightning within 12 km

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